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Degrassi RPG
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The Rules
1.) Always be respectful. No rudeness will be tolerated outside of Role-Playing.
2.) Keep in Character! Unless you have a very good reason to back it up, don't make your character do stupid or drastic things. I.E: Emma wouldn't suddenly go goth.
You don't necessarily have to keep with the show. I.E: Sean doesn't have to keep liking Ellie.
3.) You don't have to follow the show!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, it is much more fun if you don't follow the show!
4.) Post at least twice every 2 1/2 half weeks. I really want to keep slots open for people who really want the roles. ^^
5.) There are to be no fights, relationships, sexual content, and things like that unless all the characters involved have agreed to it, or if it's in the story line. Contact the mod first.
6.) Once the Role-Play is started, use ooc parenthesis. Ex: ((OOC: text here.))
7.) Have something to say? You're a member. Your voice is everything contact me, the mod, at:
AIM: Sweet Charisma
E-Mail: Hotohori_Nuriko4@yahoo.com
8.) Just have fun ^^

Don't use comments if you are talking to everybody. But, if and only if you want to just communicate from the character in the post, you may. That way we can all know our characters were or weren't supposed to hear it. Just keep it short and to the point so we don't get lost.

The Cast

10th grade:
Ellie Nash: deadly_stars as _ellie__nash
Marco Del Rossi: enterautumn as bollywoodnights
Ashley Kerwin:: franzfernanand
Terri McGreggor: loveli as terribear
Paige Michalchuk: lavenderpassion as paige_mason
Gavin "Spinner" Mason: toxicdude
Craig Manning: flmflelc3 as craig_manning18
Jimmy Brooks: Open
Hazel Aden: smurfette515 as hazeladen

Grade 9:
Emma Nelson: rainstarr
Sean Cameron: Open
Manny Santos: juicyfruit8930 as _manny_s
Liberty Van Zandt: l_ovingl_iberty
Toby Isaacs: toby_issacs
Chris Sharpe: Open
James-Tiberius (JT) Yorke: Open
Alex (Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't know much bout her.): orange_yes

Grade 8:
Kendra Mason: degrassi_punka
Nadia: Open

Grade 12:
Dylan Michalchuk: lafillefrancais

Archie "Snake" Simpson: Open
Christine "Spike" Nelson-Simpson: dzie
Joey Jeremiah: Open
Caitlin Ryan: kirstie89 as caitlin_ryan